Who We Are:
We are your Doctor, your Postie, your Secretary, your Boss, the Girl at the checkout, your Hairdresser, the Plumber. We are the neighbours who gave you a hand after the Cyclone. We are just more comfortable not wearing clothes, especially in our climate.

We are every-day people like you, who are comfortable in our own skin and not ashamed of the body we were born in. We are part of a massive, untapped (in Australia) tourism market. Our numbers are in the millions worldwide. We are genuine, passionate believers in the ethics of Naturism, without the urge to be 'in your face' about our beliefs. All we expect from our members and visitors are respect, courtesy and common sense.
If you have ever wished you could just relax or go for a walk and feel the sun and breeze on your bare skin, or throw off your clothes and go skinny dipping, you are one of us. The difference is, we stopped wishing and did it.
Who We Are Not:
We are not swingers, exhibitionists or the perverts who hide in the dunes and bushes behind the beach, although they are who we are often confused with, and who give us a bad name.

We do not tolerate those who misrepresent and use our lifestyle for sexual gratification.
Club Story:
Established in the early 1980s, the club has continued to grow at a steady pace with the help of dedicated members, and visitors who return year after year from around Australia and abroad. A substantial number of our members are not local. Many of our visitors stay for the winter months to escape the southern cold, and quietly inject tens of thousands of dollars into the local economy. Some have been returning for up to thirty years. We have a groundsperson permanently on site, and he is the only permanent resident permitted by the property owner.
We welcome visitors and travelers who are genuine naturists and we have enjoyed the company of many from around the globe who are touring Australia. We hold a variety of well attended functions every year (see our EVENTS page) and the tradition of our weekly Sunday afternoon tea is still alive and well. We have a Sunday lunch BBQ on the last Sunday of every month, which is a good time to meet new members and visitors. We also have a few artists who can be seen toiling at their craft on weekends. Some people do not visit us because we have no pool or power. We are sorry about that, but we do not own the property we are on, we rent it, and so have no control over the situation. We do not make a profit but charge a minimal fee to cover the costs of maintaining the grounds all year round. The local members also hold monthly functions to help with those costs.
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